Friday, 30 May 2008

Kazakh Boys

All Давай (All Davai) is a Kazakh boy band with some kind of modern R'n'B sound. Here are two cute music videos. They have so many videos on YouTube that it's very difficult to choose... There's a nostalgic one, one about a love affair gone wrong... There's even one with Nazis in it!

The first is in Kazakh language, and they're mostly just hanging around, being cute: Zhanym

The next is a hymn to their beloved city, in Russian: Алма-Ата (Almaty)

Remember, people, keep your city colourful and clean!


Tinet said...

Awww ... I've watched the clip for "Alma-Ata" at least a dozen times now! Such nice boys.

ainur said...