Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Karachay guys: a bit of Dima Bilan and Alibek Bashkaev

As we saw in the Eurovision, Karachay people can be quite hot. To the left is a photo of Dima Bilan (via Cisoto), with the following caption: "I've tried many different things. I've even worked on construction sites. Of course, there it's not supercomfortable, but the main thing is - the experience of total extreme." Okay. Though I think he looks cuter with black hair and that beard thingie.

But Karachay people can (of course) be even hotter.

Alibek Bashkaev - judo
Originally uploaded by Alaugan

Judo is the perfect sport for short and stout guys. Alibek Bashkaev is such a guy. He's in the weight category 81 kg, was born November 16th 1989 and represents Russia in general and the Karachaevo-Cherkessk republic in particular as a sports master on international level (МСМК is the Russian abbreviation).

Alaugan has some more photos of him in his Flickr set "Karachay".

Here is his page on
And here is a list of Russian Judokas, some of them quite chirayliq. Alibek has a funny haircut in his photo there, though.

Finally, here is a video of Alibek during the 2007 Russian Judo National Championships Final. Kick ass!


bubu said...

Judo on kivaa!

Tinet said...

Varsinkin kun niitten takit lähtee irti ja karvanen rinta tulee esiin ...

ainur said...

They all have funny haircuts!

Kurch said...

Алибек 7й в мире в рейтинге дзюдоистов в кат. 81 кг. Если вас интересует дзюдо ))

Tinet said...

Ainur: Yeah, Russian men have this thing for cute bangs ...

Kurch: Da, Alibek krutoi! Hotya mne lichno bol'she nravyitsya karate - ono mne bolee podhodit po harakteru :o), no ya i ohotno smotryu dzyudo. Tam pol'zuyutsya fizicheskami pravilami - eto ochen' interesno!

(For non-Russian speakers: what Kurch said is that Alibek is the 7th in world rankings of judokas in his weight class.)