Thursday, 22 May 2008

Eurovision - Mor ve Ötesi goes to the finals!

Aaaand they're in! Mor ve Ötesi is a very nice and handsome Turkish rock band with attitude. What are they doing in the silly old song contest anyway? Their exclusive Eurovision website,, is documenting the whole escapade.

Here's the first rehearsal:

Check out this site for more "video klipleri".


Tinet said...

Nooo ... I prepared a whole entry about them already, and you beat me to it! Damn you internet companies for not giving me internet at home soon enough!
I guess I'll revise my entry a bit.

Tinet said...

Okay, I always comment twice lately, once before I read the post and once after I've read it. XD

Well, what was Lordi doing there? Maybe when Lordi won, the Turks realised that there was a chance for *real* music in the Eurovision ...?

ainur said...

Sorry!! But it's better to have lots of entries about them, isn't it?