Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Eurovision goes Chirayliq

Anyone who has been following, however half-heartedly, the Eurovision Song Contest through the last three or two decades, has noticed certain changes. Self-declared West European media pundits are feeling conflicted about it. The French, the Swedes, the Brits bemoan the changes. Some people are being sensible about it, but most apostles of Western civilization are perturbed by the new face of the contest.
But we needn't worry, because the face is Chirayliq.

Today, the results of the first semifinals confirmed that Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia (and Israel, Chirayliq territory by special permission - see below) will represent their countries in the final. (We might as well include Finland for Teräsbetoni's inspired Genghis Khan tribute.) On Thursday, we'll find out how Turkey's loveable alternative rockers Mor ve Ötesi fare in hot competition with Georgia (I haven't checked out all the participants, so there might be some ladies in the mix - but maybe with fine male dancers?). Personally, I hope the Eurovision Drang nach Osten won't stop until we reach the Bering Strait.

Let's have a little Chirayliq song contest here. We'll post videos from the official Eurovision YouTube channel, and you'll give your points to the sweetest guys. For starters, here's my fresh discovery, Boaz Mauda (a.k.a "the Yemenite Nightingale"), rehearsing his song The Fire in Your Eyes and complimenting his hosts. Check out the boys' adorable dance at 02:22!

Bonus video: Azerbaijan's Elnur & Samir demonstrate traditional Mugham singing style. I did not know that musical traditions were protected by UNESCO, too. Mugham is one of them - it's considered a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage.


Tinet said...

Oh dear, now I'm actually interested in this year's contest! I knew that Mor ve Ötesi, one of my favourite Turkish bands, is participating, but now that I saw Boaz Mauda and his cute boys I just don't know who to cheer for!!!!!!!!!!!!!1dabjoldcdjjhh!!!

Those Azeri guys are too sweet - acting all hip while singing ancient traditional songs is a clash of cultures that makes my heart melt.

By the way, isn't Lebanon participating? If not, have there been any plans about it? How about Jordan? The Eurovision must become a true Eurasiavision!! Now!!!! I want to watch Mongolia knock their socks off!

bubu said...

Toi ... yks kaks hyppy... on riemastuttavaa! Mikä lavashow!

Niin kaunis laulu ja kaverilla on kaunis ääni.

Täydet pisteet (onko se 16?).