Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Georgians with Pets #1

I've wanted to blog this photo for months. The Cattle Drive Tusheti event is beautifully documented on Flickr. Tusheti, in the north-east of Georgia, is the homeland of the Tush people who have their own unique traditions, for example the great cattle drive between pastures twice a year. Of course, they also cherish their own breed of Caucasian Ovcharka, the mighty sheepdog. Don't miss this Tusheti Flickr set by German artist grijsz living in Tblisi, with lots of puppies, horses and fun. He also has a nice blog with lots of photos and information about Georgia, travelling and art.


Tinet said...

Massive paws!
Another favourite "Georgian man and dog" photo from grijsz's set:
Gogita & Garindsha

Grijsz is the name of his doggie, by the way ... Here is a little video with the doggie.

bubu said...

Ja voi ton paksutassun ilmettä!