Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Star of SuperStar KZ

Since we in the comments a couple of posts down have somehow come to discuss music and whether it is possible to express your "true self" even with very little resources, it is an appropriate moment to post this quite famous snippet from the Kazakh TV show SuperStar KZ.

As can be seen in the beginning of the clip, the show is about amateurs who in the show might or might not get a chance to stand in the spotlight and show what they can do. The moderators making fun of and laughing at the contestants is apparently an important part of the show. But then, the third guy comes onstage. And the he is so original, so confident and so true, that the moderators can't figure out how to make fun of him.


Anonymous said...

Niin, ihan tosi: tidi tidi dam tit tii ditti dam...


ainur said...