Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Anonymous construction worker in Bulgaria

When I was in Romania, I used to secretly drool over all these handsome construction workers and streetsweepers of Roma descent. Due to discrimination and extreme segregation, Roma in many parts of Eastern Europe for a very large part only have access to the lowest-paid and "dirtiest" lines of work.

So, anyway, apparently I am not the only one appreciating handsome young construction workers in the Balkans - Flickr user "Bulgaria Gypsy" seems to have quite the fetish for the ones he meets in his home country Bulgaria. Here is a particularly handsome young man from his photostream, working on demolishing a building in central Sofia.
(I took the liberty of cropping the photos and adjusting the levels a bit ...)

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bubu said...

Apua, miten mää saisin nää kaverit korjaan katon ja maalaan talon ja frigget?


ainur said...

Yay, it's Minority Week!

I have been scanning old National Geographics and it's really annoying to confirm how difficult it is to find decent pictures of men from age 20 to 40. Only if they are really dark-skinned (especially Africans) and in really weird outfits they have a shot. Of course Africans are usually good-looking, but they have to be "a spectacle" to merit a picture. It is as if young and handsome men cannot be depicted unless they look as different from a white Western standard as possible. Kids and teens are okay, as well as older men, preferably in huge beards and fur hats, or without any clothes at all.

Of course, there are always loads of attractive photos of women between age 15 and 35... It's so blatantly obvious where the photographers come from and what their preferences are. (When white men are depicted, they are usually tradesmen, explorers or scientists in huge beards, overalls or lab coats, not exactly chosen because they make a pretty picture but because they do something admirable. Needless to say, men in the younger age bracket are not so common.)

Our blog is extremely necessary. I would also like to see similar projects about South Americans, Africans, Middle Eastern men etc.

Tinet said...

Yes, I know the problem ... I experienced it when I was looking for nice pictures of Romani men for this post. Of course, it wasn't really until I came across this apparently homosexual male photographer that I finally found a truly handsome specimen, after wading through thousands of pictures of beautiful young Romani women by heterosexual male photographers. Damn, where are all the heterosexual female photographers capturing the male beauty???

(As for Middle Eastern men, I fear Chirayliq covers many of them already, thanks to certain personal preferences of at least one of its authors ...)