Tuesday, 11 September 2007


The Juhuro, a.k.a. Mountain Jews of Caucasus, have lived mainly in Azerbaijan and Dagestan. While a large part of them emigrated to Israel during the last three decades, and there's a sizable community in New York (as well as some in Germany and Moscow), their cultural traditions are very much rooted in the Caucasus, and their language is related to Persian. Theories of their origins are legion. What interests us is the fact that they belong to the same category of handsomness as Georgians, Armenians, Azeris and other indomitable inhabitants of those fierce mountains.

This is singer Ilya Agivaev, whose voice talents can be admired on YouTube.

Singer Khayyam Nisanov has devoted his album to Jerusalem. Apparently he has participated in an Azeri reality show, "Mashin realiti sou", judging by internet gossip.
For more information about the Juhuro, visit juhuro.com

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