Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Zhao Dan

Here's a funny and cute clip from the Chinese film Street Angel (1937). It is a classic starring the singer Zhou Xuan as Xiao Hong, a singsong girl forced to work in a teahouse while her sister prostitutes herself. In spite of the tragic story, there is a lot of cheerful comedy in the film, as the characters keep up their spirits inspite of adversity. Let's enjoy the cute flirting scenes between Zhou Xuan and Zhao Dan, who went on to become a veteran actor of Chinese cinema.

Zhao Dan plays Chen, a young and poor trumpeter (although he also plays the erhu in the clip), who together with his ragtag band of friends tries to help the sisters. In the 1930's, this film about the poor and oppressed in Shanghai was considered left-wing. You can read the whole script in English translation online.


Tinet said...

Awww ... this obviously caters to my fetish for Chinese guys in uniform.

ainur said...

As soon as I started playing the clip and saw him in his hat, I knew I had to post it here! =0)