Friday, 17 October 2008

Aziz, 19 years old: The future of Germany

The future of Germany
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The German Ministry for Education and Research is promoting the new BAföG ("Federal Training Assistance Act", i.e. student loan system). One of their ads features Aziz, 19 years old, who states: "The future of Germany needs perspectives: Mine."

Tinet goes: YES!!!!

Indulgent photographer: Ilan Katin.

P.S. Aziz means "sweet" "dear, beloved". Aww.


bubu said...

Todella upee!

ainur said...

Walla Aziz! Mashallah...

PS: Ilan is very, very sweet, too.

Tinet said...

Ilan is A'ezz ... the sweetest!

No, actually I was mistaken: it means "dear, beloved; mighty, strong, powerful". I guess it's still "sweet", but more in the proverbial sense.

Tinet said...

Now they've covered him up with a poster with some ugly old German guy. :o(