Tuesday, 30 September 2008


All photos in this post are by me, taken at Otgontenger mountain, Mongolia, in the summer of 2006. Click to enlarge.
These monks, other guys, and horses are not really related to the following text ...

Looking through discussion forums in search of Chirayliq material, I came across a thread discussing sex in nomadic Central Asian cultures. It was mostly a guy from Ulan Bator, nicknamed Bor Chono, writing in that thread, and he had some fascinating things to say:

"Surely Nomadic ppl have many children but it doesn`t mean that they have sex a lot. ;)

I guess Europians think that Nomads(=men) are monsters of sex -I mean "nomadic" barbarian men love women a lot.-who doesn`t? ;D
I can claim that nomads never had problem with erection. (Mongol)Old ppl claim that men who rides a horse will never have thingy problems. They say shaking your balls up & down is good for your thingy health. Riding a horse naked will increase your 'Hii-mori'='spiritual horse' & it`s also helpful for women.
But presently Mongols became sedentary so they face problems which sedentary ppl faced long before. So it seems like Mongols have almost no traditional knowledge about how to make thingy-standing. Surely Buddist monks have medecine to help men(=knowledge comes from India, Tibet & China). ::)

btw I don`t have such problems! ;D


Hii-mori is not a god to worship. Hii-mori is one of your Spirits -That`s inside U. It`s something like Men`s Energy-Level. If your thingy is not standing when it`s needed -Mongols likely to say 'Chalha muu'='bad tone' or 'Hii-mori doroi' means 'low spirit'='low spritual horse'.

Some mountain have a worship place where U can increase your Hii-mori. Riding a horse can increase 'Hii-mori' ;D"

Some more Mongolian men from Otgontenger mountain, also not ... really ... related to this text ... maybe:

These cowboy-like hats are popular, and cute!

A guy who is more into modern fashion.


ainur said...

Crazy stuff...

But the photos are very, very cute. Where have you been hiding them??

Speaking of nomad warriors, I collected some Shambhala quotes together with Roerich paintings here. What a hot mess of Western fantasies about Mongolian-Tibetan mysteries. Almost as hot as Western fantasies about virile Mongol warriors. (I wonder if Bor Chono has heard a certain German 70's pop song?)

Tinet said...

I was going to post them long ago, but somehow I forgot about them!? I have to look at my Mongolia photo CD again to see if there are any other cute guys I've forgotten about.

I heard there is a Roerich museum or something in the Altai region. I want to go there ...