Friday, 31 October 2008

Tatarin i Evrei

It's a gloomy time of the year, so we need something cheerful to brighten the day. Here are the molodtsy (good boys) of boy band Kazan Egetläre, singing about the very special friendship between Tatars and Jews - featuring klezmer band Simha.
One of my future projects is to dig up all possible cultural and historical connections between minority peoples in Eurasia, and explore the interaction, positive and negative, between them. Research focuses often on the relation between majority and minority, and other dynamics are forgotten. There are certainly many Russian jokes about Tatars and Jews being rivals (both are stereotypically depicted as shrewd businessmen preying on simple but honest Russians), as in the joke: "When the Tatar was born, the Jew wept".
Cheers to Kazan Egetlere for celebrating, instead of hating!

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