Monday, 1 September 2008

Unidentified chirayliq guy in the music video of Mumiy Troll's "Delfiny"

Mumiy Troll (Мyмий Трoлль) is a Russian rock band that was founded 1981 in Vladivostok. They most likely got their name from Tove Jansson's books about the Moomins, but they don't really make any big deal about that.
They were at first a garage band that performed illegally and was even arrested a few times in the Soviet crackdowns on youth culture. Gradually they became pretty popular in Vladivostok. When front man, linguist Ilya Lagutenko, had to serve in the army, the band took a break. But with his return and their first official album in 1997 they gained immense popularity all over Russia, and they remain one of the most popular rock bands in the country.

I like Ilya Lagutenko's lyrics, but I don't really like his voice, so I haven't listened to them that much. Also, he is not really my type of man. He is quite androgynous, which certainly appeals to many women (the band has a big fan base in Sweden, for example, also among people who don't know enough Russian to understand his well-written lyrics).

Yet, one day I came across the video for the beautiful Mumiy Troll song "Delfiny" (Дельфины, 1997) on YouTube.
While all the fangirls go crazy over how sexy they think Ilya Lagutenko is, my eyes are glued to this chirayliq guy in the leather jacket who mostly stays in the background behind Ilya. I don't know the band so well, so I don't know who he is. He doesn't look like any of the band members. Maybe a friend? Does someone know?

Here is the whole video:


Anonymous said...

hes was part of the band long time ago watch the old interview his in them he played piano

Tinet said...

Ah, cool! Thank you so much. I will have to watch some old interviews then ... ;o)

Kaitlynn said...

You don't like his voice? I love his singing style and voice. I don't speak a lick of Russian, and I love to listen to Mumiy Troll! Delfiny is my fave. <3 Haha Just thought I'd share.

Tinet said...

Thanks for your comment!

Actually, since I wrote this I've grown to like it! His voice is quite unusual and I usually go for baritones, so I guess it just took me a while to learn to appreciate it. :o)