Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Traders across Asia

diegas is a Flickr user who works as a guide in Asia, specializing in the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railway, China and the Silk roads. He has amazing photos from all over Eurasia. Here are three examples, all of them portraits of traders and shopkeepers from different countries.

Click the photos to see them bigger.

A butcher in Uzbekistan (he is really handsome, I think, so do go look at the bigger size!)

A fishmonger in Turkey

A silk trader in Mongolia

All photos (c) diegas.


ainur said...

It's a fishmonger! (Maybe you were thinking, "fish mongol". I was thinking, "fish mangler".)

Poor cow. But the Chinese guy looks cuddly.

bubu said...

Miten noista silkkirullista vois valita itelleen jonkun kangaspalan?

Niin erilaista: täällä näkee lakanakangasta tollai riveissä ja siellä silkkikankaita! Vähä eroo kulttuurissa sanosin.

Tinet said...

Ithink it was an evil influence of the stygian Tukish language, with all its "-ler" suffixes ...

Tinet said...

I don't know if the silk guy is Chinese. Diegas writes that he's "local", and while the fabrics are probably imported from China, maybe the guy himself is Mongolian?

ainur said...

Argh, I didn't pay attention to the captions... I'm sure he's Mongolian.