Sunday, 9 March 2008

Dashi Namdakov

Dashi Namdakov is a Buryat artist. Primarily a sculptor, he is also a skilled graphic artist, and has worked as production designer for the Genghis Khan movie Mongol. (See his homepage, Dashi-Art, for numerous examples of his powerful and undulating mythological figures.)

"My Grandpa was a very gifted story-teller. He knew a lot of legends and stories about Buryats. And I remember them with my bones, inwardly. This feeling is very strong and more on subconscious level. I would like to understand Buryat and Buddhist tradition rationally, yet, I believe, something within me knows it better than I do. My teacher at the Art School was Lev Golovnitsky, a very fine and good Russian sculptor. And he helped me to appreciate and understand the art of sculpture and world tradition. And I am a student of Michelangelo and Bourdelle, Bruegel and Old Japanese art. And I am also myself." (

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