Saturday, 8 March 2008

Cute Hockey Players

Ak Bars Kazan is a Russian Super League team from the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The white snow leopard, Aq Bars in Tatar, is the emblem of the team and the republic.
Here are some cute Tatar and Russian players from the team and the junior league.

Aslan Raisov and Andrei Zubarev

Danis Zaripov and a model of the Qul Sharif mosque in Kazan, displayed inside Qul Sharif (more from the same photoshoot at

Finally, Pavel Popkov... and, just for fun, Jukka Hentunen from Finland!


Tinet said...

Pavel Popkov = !!!!!!

I know his surname comes from "pop", "priest", but, well, HEH!, it could theoretically also be from "popka", "butt"!!! >_<

ainur said...

Just look at his earlobes!!!
He reminds me of Juho ^^

bubu said...


Ja sit, mitä toi Hentunen (tarttee olla savolainen) tekee tataarien joukossa?

hentunen pois, hentunen pois...!!

ainur said...

Hentunen on aloittanut peliuransa WarKis Varkaudessa... joten oikeaan osuit kai...