Sunday, 17 June 2007

What do all these guys have in common ...?

1. Actor Mikhail Ulyanov

2. Politician Gorby

3. Actor Charles Bronson (aka "shiba puppy", descendant of Lipka Tatars)

It's the special kind of eyefolds that you can find every now and then, not least in Russia. It's the kind of eyelids that make a fold over the outer corners of the eyes. They become more prominent with age.
Ulyanov is really the best example - Gorby's are a bit weak, and shiba puppy's are a bit extreme.

Those wacky anthropologists might have a name for it, but I haven't been able to find out what it could be.

Here are some younger guys who have potential for developing this type of eyefolds:

"100" by neck-photo

"Расплескалась синева, расплескалась, по тельняшкам разлилась, по беретам..." by masters

"Перемена" by Aццкий Cотона

(Okay, and maybe I should admit that the potential eyefold development isn't the *only* reason for why I included the last guy ... All he needs is some decent manual labour so he'll get nice hands.)

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