Thursday, 14 June 2007

Pan-Asian single of the week: Alish6ka

Aaaargh! How can this man be so hot?!! Is he human at all??!!! Or is it just this one picture that really brings out his "Schokoladenseite"?

"Alish6ka" is a 22-year-old stomatologist from Baku, Azerbaijan. His horoscope sign is scorpio. has these weird questions about race, and this is how he answers them:
¤ My race: "Other"
¤ About race: "kak to ne interesovalsa" (somehow that's never interested me)
And those answers make him even hotter. If that's at all possible ...

He resembles the supernaturally beautiful facial composites in the photographer Mike Mike's project The Face of Tomorrow (thanks for the link, Ainur!). Which might not be so strange, as the Caucasus since the oldest of times has been a virtual crossroad of different peoples.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Update, June 17th:

Heh, I couldn't resist the temptation of investigating a bit into this "Alish6ka". And, well, my suspicion turned out to be right.

He has a profile on another Russian-language dating site, as well, and there, he has a different photo. In which he isn't as beautiful. :'o(
(But maybe, just maybe, it could be like this: He got tired of all the fangirls mailbombing him, and put all his efforts into attempting the near impossible - making a photo of himself where he looks just 'average'. That way, he might be able to find a woman who will like him for his personality, not just his smokin' hot looks ...)

By the way, there is something irresistibly smexy about russified Arabic names. In this guy's case, his name is probably Ali, but since he's Russian-speaking, his pet name is "Alishka" (the '6' he's included is often informally used as a substitute for the kyrillic letter 'ь', that indicates 'soft' consonants). Then, there is the common practise of adding the Russian suffix "-ov"/"-ova" to surnames, for example "Jafarov", as in the name of an old Azeri acquaintance of mine.


Ainur said...


I have seen some Tatars use Dschafär in old Finnish documents. Funny spelling...

I wonder if I could scan some old Tatars from my books and post them here? Would that be horribly wrong? I could censor their names in case they have grandchildren who are Google abusers. Some of them are just too cute.

Tinet said...

YES, you have to do that!!!

You don't have to write out their names. But still, shouldn't their grandchildren be happy that their grandpas can attract fangirls like us ...?

Anonymous said...

Hi girls! These guys are HOT HOT HOT I just found your blog and I really like it!

Im gonna visit it again! Its fun and interesting and they guys oh my god ;)

Best regards, Elena

Tinet said...

Thanks, Elena! We'll do our best to bring you and all the other girls (and boys) who share our taste some of the hottest guys of Central Asia. ;o)