Thursday, 14 June 2007

Another flashback of potential Pan-Asian dating that I missed out on ...

I might have a date tonight with a guy from Georgia, and that probably gave me this sudden flashback from a party at Moscow State University, and how I managed to miss out on some potential romance (once again) ...

I was going to leave the party, because I was tired and wanted to get back to my room before they locked up the elevators (at midnight, I think). As I was saying bye to one of my classmates, two young guys approached us and stroke up a conversation.

One of them was broad, outgoing and athletic, not my type at all, while the other one was lean and a bit more quiet and serious (i.e. drop-dead hot stuff!). They were both from Georgia, they said. Although my classmate had enormous boobs, the hot guy was the one who had his sights on me. (Or maybe the other guy was just more dominant, and wanted to hog off those boobs, I don't know ...)

But still, I was so focused on getting back to my room that I didn't realise the great prospects of this encounter, and just left after a short while.

I never saw him again. :o(

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