Sunday, 9 May 2010

Victory Day in Berlin

Berlin, May 2nd 1945:

The poet and war correspondent Yevgeny Dolmatovsky (in this context it could be relevant to note that he was of Jewish background), photographed by Yevgeny Khaldei in front of the burning Reichstag, carrying the severed head of a Hitler statue.

65 years later. Berlin, May 9th 2010:

Berlin, May 9th 2010

Soviet Army WWII veterans gather at the War memorial in Tiergarten, near the Reichstag.

WWII veterans

Then this chirayliq dude carrying a Soviet flag shows up:

Dude with a Soviet flag

Dude with a Soviet flag

And then I spotted this guy who looks a lot like Ainur. I wonder if he's Tatar, too?

He looks like Ainur. Is he Tatar?

(Colour photos by Tinet.)

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