Friday, 28 May 2010

Ran Danker, hotness from Israel

*Sorry if this text is totally incoherent, but not only is it 4 AM, but my brain is also for the most part incapacitated by the dazzling handsomeness of Ran Danker, 26 years old.*

Eyes Wide Open is a film about the Ultra-Orthodox family father Aaron (Zohar Strauss), who hires the homeless Yeshiva student Ezri (Ran Danker) to work as an apprentice in his butcher's shop. Their friendship develops into an emotional and sexual relationship, but they are being closely watched by their community, and the religious authorities, their fellow believers and the "purity police" will absolutely not tolerate anything of the like.

Ezri, who "scribbles a bit" in his free time, offers to draw Aaron's portrait.

Ezri convinces him to go outside the city for once, to take a ritual bath together in an ice cold pool.

The situation is obviously extremely complicated for Aaron, who has a family and a business to take care of. But as an atheist it's easy to start asking myself why Ezri can't just leave the Ultra-Orthodox community in the Old City and go to secular, tolerant Tel Aviv or something. But for one thing, he is very young; he was only just kicked out of his Yeshiva. And most important of all, this is his community and his religion just as much as everyone else's. He believes in God just as much as everyone else.

About 90 percent of the film was shot in Jaffa, and 10 percent in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, where the story is set, in quick "hit-and-run" shots without official permission, due to the controversial nature of the film. The end result is still very realistic and recognizable as Mea Shearim.

This is a very subtle film that neither glorifies nor demonizes anybody, told in simple and beautiful images in limestone and pale green.

* * *
... And, of course, Ran Danker (actor, pop singer, model) is so hot that I was in exhilarated spasms every second he was on the screen.

Here are some bonus photos of him ...

He was hairier than this in Eyes Wide Open, so either he went through a second puberty in between, or he probably shaves or crops his chest hair. ;_;

Our mum would tell him to wear his pants properly.


Rozmin said...

I don't care how he's wearing his pants, those shots by the window make me happy. :-)

Murasaki Shikibu said...

He sure is handsome. I'd love to watch this film.

yeyiet said...

After watching this film,there is something left in my heart.

ayla from israel said...

this is run danker from israel :DD write in google רן דנקר he hasgood photos and hotttt photos

Anonymous said...

i love all your picture...such a hunk!!!

Sharon said...

Nice pictures!!

Anonymous said...

He is so f... hot! The movie was great too. Actually, Israeli movies that explore homosexuality are usually good. They would just need more investment. This was a great one if you could overlook the long periods of nothingness that characterize independent movies. I really would like to see another movie with Ran Danker. This time with a little more production.

ADB said...

Hello!!!! I love him! He's very handsome and he did a job in "eyes wide open", I'm obsessed with this film!!! VISIT my blog, I have posted an interview. By the way, when Aaron and Ezri had the ritual bath, is the water cold? I didn't understand this very well!!! Eszi says "very cold" and then he says is very good... and when they are in the street looking at man walking in a strange way,what does it represent? do you know it?