Saturday, 9 May 2009

Chirayliq Eurovision: Regina

Bosnia-Herzegovina's entry to the Eurovision is the band Regina with their song "Bistra Voda" (clear water). ... Someone commented: "I think that Alexander Rybak's party is going to be spoiled by the manly Regina and their beautiful anthemic ballad."

From what I've been able to find out, the song is about mother's love, and touches the subject of the Bosnian war that took more than 200.000 lives.

Here is what the band said at their press conference in Moscow:
At the press conference, they stated that the message of the song was that of a love revolution. They thereby link the song to Russia, but the red is used as the color of love. When asked if their theme was inspired by communism, the band said that there are nostalgic aesthetics in the song, but that these are not related to communism but to love. In the end of the press conference, they performed their song Bistra Voda in Russian.
mundu-sammut from Australia has provided a translation of the second stanza in the comments:
I asked some people
In the neighborhood, where my soul resides

A secret from me, they say, you are hiding, dear

I asked that they return to me

That time, the old hours, the spring

That love is in the air, they say

Give birth to me at dawn in May

Bathe me in the clear water

I guard one flower, when all others leave

I guard you as long as I'm alive

Steal a bit of Sun for us

There's no tomorrow, there's no today

It's easy when the song finds your heart

Regina formed as a garage band in 1990, and after some initial problems finding the right vocalist, they met with great success all over Yugoslavia. The civil war broke up the band when the Serb members had to flee from Sarajevo to Belgrade. For a few years Regina continued in Belgrade with new replacements members, while some original members pursued solo careers. But in 2006 all the original members were happily reunited.


ainur said...

Great melody. I think this song can resonate with many countries around Europe, especially in the East, which have had painful historical experiences and long for reconciliation and closure.

That's why it is important for Chirayliq to mention it, too, because the issues and concerns are the same, all over the Eurasian continent.

Rozmin said...

I listened to a bunch of the Eurovision songs on youtube yesterday, and I have to agree that this was a really good one. Artistically speaking, it's the best that I've heard out of the entries. However, there is something to be said for a song that makes you want to get up and dance around. ;-)

(Oh, and I also agree that these guys are way cute, albeit in a different way than Rybak who is simply adorable.)

Rozmin said...

Sort of related chirayliq sighting: here's an instructional video for dancing the dance in the video for Armenia's entry ( ) The guy teaching it is nice looking. I read a theory on the net that this is going to become the next Macarena (am I the only one who remembers that dance?)

bubu said...

Vitsi, et tää on hyvä. Veemuudi..., ihania sanoja: kupai mje...vascizolu...

Tinet said...

Ooh, thanks for the link, Rozmin! The guy is really cute, and I like how the Armenian language sounds ...