Friday, 6 March 2009

Samurai Soul

"Samurai Soul" by Ulfuls, a Japanese rock band from Osaka. A comment on the condition of Japanese masculinity?... The lyrics are sweeter than I expected. Here's a translation.
The lead singer and soulful (hence 'ulful') samurai is Atsushi 'Tortoise' Matsumoto.

Photo from this interview. The next one I picked from another interview - it's one of the rare photos where guitarist Ulful Keisuke (first guy on the right) smiles! Click to view larger.

Drummer Sankon Jr.'s teeth are so adorably mixed up.

Posing like the Shinsengumi... (just look at Hijikata Toshizo at the National Diet Library's portrait gallery!)


Tinet said...

Yay! This video is so cute ... And the song lyrics, too! "Fighting, planning things that seem amazing" ... Kawaii~!

The video is a bit off synch on YouTube, but it seems to be a bit better here on Dailymotion.

ainur said...


I was planning to write a long entry on national (self)stereotypes and warrior identity, which I see as something common for most countries involved in the Chirayliq project. These guys are doing something creative with a legacy of violent, honourbound masculinity that is sadly still destructive in many parts of the world.

What I like about the song is that although it speaks about male identity and hint at a warrior legacy, it implies that the woman he is speaking to could be an equal partner on free terms. There are no expectations that she should behave stereotypically. Instead, she is allowed a share in his weaknesses.

Rozmin said...

You know, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one who thinks "imperfect" smiles are adorable!

And not just smiles ... I guess the Hollywood typical idea of an attractive man is not my ideal. Today's post is another reminder of why I love this blog: it is devoted to men I (and lots of others) find sexy, but aren't always "typically" sexy. Many of these guys are usually overlooked, and that's sad.

Tinet said...

Ainur: That's a really interesting idea for an article!