Saturday, 28 March 2009

200 Portraits of Genghis Khan

A comprehensive and searchable collection of images, more or less heroic, chiefly from Mongolia, but also from China and Iran. Collected by a researcher at Juniper, a francophone database on Mongolian and Siberian studies. (Via)
The featured portrait is painted by Mongolian artist Cerendoržyn Ölzbaatar, and obviously inspired by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres' portrait of Napoleon.


bubu said...

Mua pelottaa, kun kommentoin tähän eikä se tullukkaan!
Halusin vaan kysyä, onko tästä kuvasta isompaa versiota?

ainur said...

En ole löytänyt... Se on kyllä tosi komea.

Uspech said...

It's a nice collection man! Thank u