Sunday, 23 November 2008

Ramazan "The Punisher" Ramazanov

(Photo from

Ramazan Ramazanov is the current Muay Thai (Thai boxing) world champion in Heavyweight. He was born in Makhachkala, Dagestan, on June 22 1984. He started boxing when he was 13, and fell in love with Muay Thai when he was 15. In 2005 he moved to Thailand to pursue his career in the sport, and settled in Bangkok at the Rompo gym. Within a few years he moved up from the Super Middleweight to Super Cruiserweight division. After a lot of training and some spectacular achievements, he is currently ranked as the No. 1 Muay Thai Heavyweight in the world.

(Photo by Tytus Iskhandar)

Ramazan's official website (with his blog, bio and some videos - partly under construction)
His profile at (with some photos)
The gallery at has some photos with Ramazan, and he also has a profile in the "fighters" section.

Finally, here is a little interview and a sparring session with Ramazan for TheWebShow in Australia:


Rozmin said...

Oh, WOW. I think that the second photo just made my day. I actually don't think that this young man should even be allowed to wear shirts, ever. Sorry if I'm rambling, it has that affect on me. :-)

Tinet said...

Rozmin, I agree with you completely. ;o)

yas said...

i do agree with you too,he's simply hot,and by the way a great fighter!!!!