Friday, 14 November 2008

Cute Hazara singer

Netania sent this in:

The Hazara people are one of the many ethnic groups in Afghanistan. There are many theories about their origin, and they are probably very mixed, like many other peoples in the region. Genetically and culturally they are with certainty related to Persians, Mongolians and Uighurs. The Hazaras and Pashtuns (the ethnic majority of Afghanistan) have a long history of enmity, but I hope they can overcome it and work together to build a new Afghanistan.


ainur said...

He is so cute and shy! Although I have never heard this singing style before, and the Hazara were unknown to me, I kvelled!

It's such a useful word. Properly "kvellen" means (in Yiddish) to feel happy and proud when someone close to you is succesful, especially your children. Maybe it's silly to feel so close to complete strangers, but I think it is a blessing. We are after all one big human family.

I'm a crybaby, though. I can't kvell without tears! Maybe it's a part of it - the word is related to the German word "Quelle", source, and "quellen", to overflow. My cup runneth over :)

Baatur Shefa said...

Thanks for the video. I'm also Hazara please check out my webblog.



Tinet said...

Thank you for your comment, Baatur! Your blog looks interesting. I'll be following it.