Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Chirayliq report from Kežmarok, Slovakia

I spent the extended weekend at a video art festival in the small town Kežmarok in the High Tatras in eastern Slovakia.

Slovakia has a large Roma minority, mostly in the eastern parts of the country. As in most other post-communist countries, there are ethnic tensions and a lot of racism directed towards Roma people. Even the question of how many Roma people there are in Slovakia reflects racist problematics:

"... According to estimates of the urban and communal offices of the state administration from 1989, however, as many as 253,943 Roma live in Slovakia, thus constituting 4.8% of the population. Since these statistics did not include Roma who have a standard of living comparable to that of the majority population, Roma political and cultural activists estimate that the number of Roma in Slovakia is even higher, citing a figure of 350,000 to 400,000 in Slovakia." (Klara Orgovanova at Slovakia.org; my emphasis)

Anyway, I secretly made some photos of a handsome young man walking his puppy ...

(click the images for larger view)

(Photos by Tinet.)

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