Friday, 15 February 2008

Dombra Pop - Kazakh Music Videos

Totally AMAZING fantasy music video with unidentified dombra hero! No wonder the ice queen melts!

This is a propaganda video for the Kazakhstan armed forces. Again, I have no info about the artist. The dombra is relegated to a symbolical role. The accordion reminds me of Tatar music (and Russian and Finnish, obviously). Note the final "inspiring" quote by Nursultan Nazarbayev...

And as always when I see footage of soldiers, I think: "Poor boys."
(Though riding through the steppe is strangely tempting...)


bubu said...

Miksmua alko itkettään toi propagandafilmi?

sarah said...

Hello Ainur and Tinet! This is Sarah at Silk Road Freeways. Thanks so much for your comments and kind words about my blog. Can't believe there are people equally obsessed with this kind of culture out there. Love your blog. I'm honored to get a shout-out. I'm part swedish myself.

As for the dombra hero video, I can't access your link on Mongolian internet, but I bet I've seen it before. Is it this one, by Asylbek Ensepov?

"If I were to write a sci-fi/fantasy interracial romance novel set in Central Asia, and if it were to include bellydancers and boa constrictors and magical Kazakh lutes --

it might look like this."

Tinet said...

Hello, Sarah!

Thank you for your kind words. We're honoured to have you here. :o)
Yes, you guessed right about the dombra hero video!

ainur said...

Hi Sarah, thank you so much for the information about the video. Someone had uploaded lots of Kazakh videos on YouTube without any details, and I was wondering who the artist might be. I loved your comment about it, and I agree totally! Someone needs to write that novel, I think we've got lots of potential readers right here :)

Nurzhan said...

Nice song! It is propoganda for recruiting kazakhs to go to the army:)