Friday, 10 August 2007

AzaN Project

This week is Tatar week on Chirayliq!

AzaN Project is an alternative rock band from Kazan that mixes 'Western' rock music, beat, funk and electronic music with 'Eastern' elements of Tatar folk music.

The two members Azat Gilmutdinov and Nur Aliev founded the band after they had met by chance in Istanbul. They were fundamentally inspired by this city tying together the two continents Europe and Asia, and wanted to create something similar with their music project: to unite these two civilizations through music.

"Rock is a way of expressing yourself honestly and emotionally", says Nur. "We are open to experiments, and Ethno is like DNA, always present in the background." - "Modern music is in some kind of blind alley", Azat continues. "Everything that is made has been done before. We are convinced that the way out of this blind alley is through folk music, or, to be more precise, in its mixture with modern rhythms and instruments."

Here are two music videos with AzaN Project:

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